the road

Rudy drove along the peaceful road, reflecting about the past two years he spent living and working in Arkansas. Two years of necessary income but, two years without a full-time family. As he drove, heading home to us, to California, he smiled, took a picture, and sent it to me via text. Almost there!, he wrote. Almost there!

About a week and a half ago, without hesitation, Rudy resigned from his job in the color lab where he was working, stating it was time to return home, time to reconnect with his family through daily interactions. Neither of our boys minded that they’d be taking a step back, allowing their dad to resume his role as the alpha male. And, of course, our daughter Liz was ecstatic to have him back in town, knowing her dad would have tons of cooking ideas to pass on to her.

When Rudy first called me with the news, I did what I always do. I completely supported him, telling him to come home, that everything will work itself out. Ah, just listening to you is soothing, he told me. I can’t wait to get home. I repeated the sentiment, laughing, feeling happy, concluding with an I love you.

And so it began. The reflective road trip home. Rudy drove for two days, stopping only once to sleep for several hours at a rest stop. The road trip gave him time to think about the experiences he gained in Arkansas, the family he misses, and what plans he has for his, and our, future.

Things are as they should be.


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