Two birds are perched on an ivy covered fence. Below, two cats are sprawled out on the cemented pool deck; their snooze-fest interrupted by the birds swooping down, each taking a turn at a dive-bomb, as if teasing the somber felines. Are the birds upset that the coal-black cat caught, and shook the life out of, one of their companions? Is that why they have decided that it might be worth it to antagonize the pretty kitties? Who knows? But it seems the kitty cats are willing to play. One stretches her body at full length, pretending not to notice the swirling birds, yet she keeps one eye firmly focused on the winged specimen. The other multicolored cat springs into the air, clasping her front paws in anticipation of grabbing hold of a bird in flight. No such luck. Both birds chirp, chirp, chirp while sitting safely above their arch-enemies. The domesticated animals unite, paw to paw, nose to nose, as if planning some kind of strategy to trap the birds. The birds seem to do the same thing. Each tilts its head toward the other, as if whispering. Suddenly, both birds soar low, straight towards the fluffy felines, and just as both cats snap their legs, hoping to jail the birds, the birds swing back up towards the sky, and then they circle around, landing once again on top of the sturdy fence. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Meow!

12 thoughts on “unite

  1. What a goregeous picture you painted there! I’ll have to check back through your posts now…
    Thanks so much for your comment, and pleasure to meet you!


  2. That reminds me of when our gray cat, Pewter, was sauntering towards the house, and suddenly a bird began divebombing her. It got her in her rear end several times, but she never turned around. She did jump now and then when it got her so obviously it made contact. I have no idea what she’d been up to…


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