Our nest was empty today.

And it felt sort of like when Rudy lived in Arkansas.

And I lived here, in California.

So many days came and went.

Both of us experiencing life without the other.

Mostly, only words said how we felt, or what we were thinking.

Gestures and body language played an intermitent role in our relationship.

Those are days that will forever be distant.

Days that cannot be redone.

Days that are, thank goodness, over.



I am reminded of those distant days.


Here I am. Here we are.

In the house. Together.

Without kids.

No one is mumbling on the phone with friends.

No one is singing along to the lyrics booming from a computer.

No one is chatting. Talking about a day in the life of.….

And it hits me.

Both softly and a bit aggressively.

That life will be sort-of-like-yet-not-exactly-like-but-in-a-way-it-will-be-sliced-up-similar-to when Rudy lived there and I lived here.

6 thoughts on “empty-nesting

    • hi talya. i am pretty sure i will wholeheartedly embrace an empty nest… but since i am looking at both sides of the fence (one child has moved out, 2 are still at home)… i am having ups and downs…. ;/


  1. Maybe…but for this empty nester life was very different after retirement. Before, we had routines and we had our responsibilities; he had his,I had mine.
    After retirement…I had him. At first, it was nice, vacation like. Then it was irritating, mid winter, I’m grumpy and he’s bored. Finally spring came and we both came back to life. Outdoor chores which we do together and separately are much more enjoyable now. I have fun with him for the first time in many years, really. I mean every day and little things that we laugh about. It’s very different than life without your spouse. I’ve had both and much prefer the spouse home and the kiddos in their own home. Yep the empty nest is really very nice and with adjustments, retired empty nest is even better.


    • i will be fine, jo, when the house is empty – except for just rudy and i – i am simply on the tail end of what is to come…. i tend to reflect on the kids not being around constantly – which, ironically, they are out of the house way more than they are in it, anyway…. ;0


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