dear 16

IMG_2074Being sixteen isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t be so hard either. Hold your head high and toss your shoulders back. Relax your mind. Soul. And body.

Smile. Always smile.

To my sixteen year old self I write,

Believe in who you are. You don’t need to be like her. Or her. Or even her. You have as much to offer as they do. Maybe more. And what’s so bad about that girl. The one over there. The one everyone seems to be avoiding. She’s just being herself. Just wanting what we all want. Friendship. Go talk to her. She will appreciate your kindness. It’s not about popularity, but rather about integrity. So, just be you.

Speak up. Talk. It’s not hard at all. Just ask questions. People like to answer what they know. So ask them about themselves. Their life. Add to the conversation by incorporating your life stories. Your thoughts. Your feelings. Your dreams. Your desires. Your wants. They’d like to get to know you, too. They would.

Go out. Have fun. Enjoy hanging out with people. All kinds of people. From all walks of life. Stop worrying about what everyone is thinking. Who cares? No one, really.

I’m telling you, all the downs will make the ups so much more rewarding. Remember that. Life is a series of lessons. Lessons to help mold who you will become, the person you inherently believe in. A person who cares about others, about life and the passionate passion entwined in your every day life. Humor will sustain you. Being real, being true to yourself, will be a driving force. A matter of fact. And you, of all people will understand fully, truly, that anything can happen anytime. Anywhere. To anyone. So, simply enjoy your young self. Laugh a lot. Out loud. For the world to hear. To experience. And when you fall into bed each night you will know, without a doubt, that there is so much more to life than being an insecure sixteen year old girl.

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