No Regrets

IMG_5360Kate glides along the quiet road on a white beach cruiser, lost in thought. She’s concerned, but more than that she’s peeved. Over and over she’s spilled her feeling on the kitchen floor, telling George she wants more. More from their relationship. More from life. Yet, she can’t seem to get George to understand that more than anything she just wants more fun, more togetherness, more heartfelt conversations with him. He, on the other hand, seems to feel things are just dandy. Perfect. Just the way things should be.

Kate knows she is doing everything possible to ensure her voice has been heard. She doesn’t hold back. Because, really, seriously, whole-heartedly, Kate does not want to live her life with regrets. There have been a few times, some regrets she has, from her youth, that she wishes she could undo. But she can’t. There is no going back, not anymore. Not when the deed is done. Gone. No more. Not now. Never again.

So, instead, now, Kate always asks herself “Will you regret this? Will you beat yourself up when it’s too late to do anything about it?” If the answer is yes, she will do what she needs to to ensure any regrets that might follow don’t creep into her psyche; and, if the answer is no, well, then, she’s good-to-go. Life goes on.

While she pedals down the breezy pathway, George sits at the kitchen table, thinking about Kate, wondering if he’s going to regret not understanding what his wife wants from him.

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