It’s not always easy being positive, thinking the good thoughts, believing everything will be fine.

Like anyone, I can fill my head with what’s not right, with a fuck-this-shit attitude.


For me.

It’s worth the simple effort it takes to get to that place, the place in my mind where everything feels serene.

Yay! for me.

I have been gifted a natural ability to move-on, get over it, think positive, hone in on what’s important, and find peace.

Simply. Quickly.

And I can do this, feel positive, faster, way faster, than I fall prey to negativity.

For me, for anyone, for all of us, the reality is that the value of life is what matters, not who is right, who is wrong, or who wins.

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” Dalai Lama

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