The Night Before the Big Win


So, if I win the $800+ million in the PowerBall Lottery tomorrow, man-oh-man, what would I do?

Lots of people spout about their ideas, how they’d share it with loved ones, quit work, buy a beach house, go on vacation… I’m right there with them. I’d definitely make plans about what I’d spend, spend, spend my newfound mega-mega bucks on, and I’d also find an expert to guide me towards the best ways to save, save, save.

Yet, even before I left the house, holding my prize winning ticket, I’d need to consider how I was going to feel in the spotlight, out-there, with all that attention placed on me. Yikes!

And then, after all the hoopla calmed down, subsided and everything went back to normal, as normal as the new normal will be, where I’d feel content, in a multimillionaire kind of way, that’s when suddenly everybody who’s anybody, all those folks I didn’t realize I knew, would out-of-nowhere need a bit of cash to tide them over. They would be bringing me goodies and such, telling me how awesome I am, how much they missed me. Right? Yikes!

Just thinking about the after-effects is so draining.

But, as we all know, we can’t live our lives full of uh-ohs, rather we must power(ball) on and live in the moment.

Therefore, if I win I will definitely live in the moment, my moment, and I will only tell those who could handle it, and would not turn my life upside down. Not only would this idea save me from being all over the news, but, best of all, I’d just act all casual, cool, collected – like usual, of course – and no one would be the wiser as they all wondered who the winner could be.


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