Get Your Glow On, with instructions

Instructions are important, yes they are. But, boy, are they oh-so boring. It’s so much more fun to just dig in, and learn as you go. But sometimes, instructions, if not followed specifically, can really mess with the final outcome. Seriously, leave you, and everyone else involved, puzzled.

Like when presenting a How-To project to a group of very enthusiastic audience participants. You explain each step, then demonstrate exactly what you mean. You wait while the audience members repeat the process, step-by-step with you, using the materials you provided them. I mean, seriously, you know what’s up, you followed the instructions to a tee.

Or, did you?

glow sodaWell, imagine your face settling into a frown when the Glowing Soda project that you worked so hard to put together doesn’t even glow. You know the Glowing Soda project. And to make matters worse, the audience begins to shout out ideas, what needs to happen to get the glow on. Then, a random person, the least expected person you’d guess to come up with an idea, pulls up a YouTube™ video, just to see, to let everyone watch, if it was possible that the instructions weren’t followed correctly, or at all.

They weren’t (followed correctly). Just in general.  Not only was an ingredient missing, but  a very specific step was overlooked. Therefore, the soda remained mute, it had no personality. No glow.

Instructions, as boring as they may be, might hold the key to what’s up and help you proceed successfully. No gist about it.

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