The Other Dumbo

Vocabulary Words: Snarky: having a snotty attitude License: a type of ID card used as proof to legally drive Dumbo: a person who seems to have no common sense, nor a reason for owning a driver’s license Rules: a set of expectations 

I’m having a snarky attitude this afternoon.


I was driving home, as cool as can be, maneuvering through traffic carefully, skillfully, and very thoughtfully. So when I began exiting onto an offramp, slowly turning the wheel, veering to the right, a car in front of me suddenly stopped. Sits as still as can be. As if that’s what the driver, namely Dumbo, should do. Yet, all I can wonder is Where the heck did Dumbo receive a driver’s license? At Dumbo School? Is that where people who don’t know the rules of the road go, the one’s like Dumbo that stop when there is no stop sign, but stop anyway, unsure what to do?

Honk honk I tap. Not aggressively. Not passively. Just mediocre. Which causes Dumbo to wiggle-wobble slowly, oh so slowly into the main drag. Onto the adjacent lane. The one meant to give Dumbo space. To ease in. To avoid a collision. But boy oh boy I was losing my patience. And my will to slow down. I just couldn’t seem to slow my thoughts, my actions. Because, really, anyone in possession of a license to drive must know (don’t they?) that driving is basic. Simple. And full of common sense.

Anyway, I left the scene, bypassed Dumbo, leaving him or her behind. Carefully, skillfully, and very thoughtfully. 

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