Bucket List

“If I made a list,” I said, “I would want to do so many things.”

“A list? What kind of list? For what?” Roberto inquired.

“Ever hear of a bucket list?”

“As in making a list of things you’d want to do before you die?”

“Exactly that, yes. I can think of a million things I would want to do.” I stated, lost in thought.

“Tell me some of the things on your list,” he encouraged.

“Well, aside from the usual wants, like to travel the world or to drive Batman’s car, I would like to find a time machine,” I admitted.

“Wait. Before we discuss the time machine idea, Batman’s car?” he wondered.

“Yeah, weird, maybe, I know. But I have this fantasy of driving, well owning actually, Batman’s car. Anyway, I would love the power I’d have on the road. The control. The leverage.”

I smiled, sheepishly.

“Interesting,” Roberto said. “So, what’s with the time machine?”

“A fantasy, really. In a way, though, the bucket list really is just a fantasy. I mean, could I really write a long, long list and check off each one? Completed. I’m not so sure. Every day life would get in the way, I think. And that’s not so bad. Every day life is here. It’s now. Why get caught up in other wishes instead of living in the moment?” I wondered.

“True. Well, anyway, the time machine?” he pondered.

“Okay, so if I could add a time machine to my bucket list, I would go to the past. Not the future. I don’t want to know what’s going to happen. But, I’d like a chance, just one more, to see people that have passed on. Talk to them. Seriously talk to them. Get to know them better. To hear their stories. To know what was on their minds. To just be with them.”

“That’s interesting. But why not just be content with what you already know?” he questioned.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. I am content. The memories I have are great. It’s just that if I had the opportunity to see them, even just one more time, I’d jump at the chance.”

“Makes sense,” Roberto admitted.

“What about you?” I asked him. “What is on your bucket list?”

“Right now? Right this minute?”

“Yeah, sure. Right now.”

“Number one on my list, right now, is to grab a pizza and watch a movie with you,” he stated.

“How ironic. That would be the first thing I’d write on my list, too,” I smirked.

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