Life as I Know It


People say, so I’ve heard quite often and have actually been told (personally), that we, all of us, should open up, divulge our feelings, let them loose, free, get them out so that we can all move on, move forward and feel content. That we should have someone to confide in, someone who hears our woes, someone who cares.

For sure, I say.

Yet, me being me, I find in my outside world, away from home, the information I share, throw out there, is very minimal. Rather, I tend to grab hold of conversations, people talking, revealing their lives. And I love it. I love the psychology of it all. Sometimes I think I understand more about a person than they understand themselves, simply by listening.

On occasion, others will say that I really do need to give more, tell more, open up, share.

I understand their point. I do. That’s how others learn about who I am. Understand where I’m coming from. But, for me, I do not need to entertain others with my drama, with my hardships, with my not-so-perfect happenings.

Which, believe it or not, has enhanced my skill of being a good listener. I talk in order to clarify. Out of interest, wanting to know more. I enjoy people and the stories they tell. I don’t need the drama, the gossip, yet I understand it’s those concepts that enhance one’s life story. And yes, I understand that since I am limiting my voice, not telling my whole story, not opening up and not providing others with every aspect of my life, limits what others know about me.

But, I consciously choose to cruise this road in my own, personal, quiet way.

Many people believe someone who doesn’t’ share everything must have something to hide. Not me. I just don’t like to air dirty laundry. Unless it’s dirty enough that it must be told.

I’m not going to complain when I have an argument with my husband, or how pissed I feel when one of my kids might have disrespected me. What’s the point? All that does is paint a picture of them in a moment, yet can be a determining factor in how other’s view them. It’s not my job to create how a person is seen, but rather it’s each of us that must live a life in which we feel content with how we present ourselves to the world.

I am fortunate to have been blessed (thanks Mom & Dad) with a very calm, empathetic, observant, understanding, nonjudgemental, carefree, and organized personality – yes organized. It’s seems out of place here, I know, but I love that not only is my mind (mostly) clutter free, so are my closets!  I, also, am fortunate that I don’t take any of my traits for granted.

Life as I know it, means being true to who you are. Talking or not. Living life to the fullest, whatever that means to each of us. And being kind and respectful to others.


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