arrowhead water said we were denied service, to have water delivered to the house because our credit didn’t look too good. they sent us a letter telling us as much.

this happened long ago, about a month or two into living in our newly purchased home. both of us, rudy and i, had always wanted to have water delivered to the house, rather than buying bottle after bottle from the store. so we decided to splurge, add another bill to our pile (which, honestly wasn’t that big, just basic utilities and such). but when we received the notice stamped DENIED, rudy had a fit. so he called them up and questioned their reasoning.

“what do you mean we were denied service to have water bottles delivered?”

“sir, your credit isn’t up to par.”

“up to par?, my dear waterman, up to par?”

“yes, sir. we have standards. the credit-worthy kind of standards.”

“well, well, i’d say our standards are just fine. that our credit is excellent. how can my credit be anything less that great when i just purchased a house?”

“oh, let me see. oh, yes. our mistake. your credit is just fine. better than fine, in fact. we will start your service tomorrow, sir. tomorrow.”

“thank you.”

and sure enough, there were 6-five gallon arrowhead water bottles awaiting our attention. awaiting to be placed inside the garage. then planted upside down onto our newly purchased water dispenser.