The Energy of Arkansas


California is where my heart is, and its also the place where exercise is not my main priority. I work throughout the week in a classroom full of very social fifth graders, and spend my weekends being a hands-on mom while cleaning and organizing the house.

I’ve tried to commit myself to every day after-work walks to encourage the energy that swirls inside my head to relax, but the idea of moving another muscle to help settle my mind is replaced with the reality of a cup of tea, a couch, and the remote control.

Arkansas, on the other hand, was my go-to destination. The lush green land filled me with gusto. With tons of energy. And plenty of commitment.

Ah, the memories.

Several years ago, while living in The Natural State, Rudy would go to work while I relaxed completely during my off-work visits. Every day afforded me time to leave the house, regardless of the weather, to enjoy the benefits of either a leisure walk or one that was full of vigor. Arkansas has not been forgotten, a place where stillness and reconstitution were found, where I had no commitments except to enjoy myself.

So, now here I sit, wishfully wishing.

If only the two could easily meld, come together. Whenever. At any given time. Always. Because, not only  would I continue to be a productive teacher, mother, wife, and domestic goddess, but I would feel the pull from nature to do something I truly enjoy. To go outside and simply walk up and down the hills surrounding my life.