Innie and Outie

Approximately five years  ago,

as I drove, with Liz next to me, sitting shotgun, the boys ages 19 and 11 were having a discussion in the backseat of the car…

Roberto: “I have an innie.”
Brad: “I have an outie.”
Roberto: “You do? No you don’t.”
Brad: “Yes I do. I’m an outie, like you.”
Roberto: “But, I’m an innie.”

At this point Roberto looked over at his brother, curious. Wondering what Brad was talking about.

Roberto: “Do you even know what we are talking about?”
Brad: “Yeah. Innies and outies.”
Roberto: “But do you know what that means?”

Brad starred at him for a minute. Confused. Wondering what Roberto was talking about.

Roberto: “You don’t do you? You don’t know what we are talking about.”
Brad: “Vaginas and penises?”
Roberto: “Oh, my gosh!” No! Innies and outies are the kind of belly button you have.”
We all laughed. All at once. Me. Liz. Roberto. And then Brad.

Being Vague

They say you’ve made improvements. They say it’s never been better. They say you’re just what’s needed.

They tell you not to worry. They tell you they’ve got a plan. They tell you the rewards will come.

They are being vague.

They don’t say what’s truly on their minds. They beat around the bush. They leave you feeling frustrated. Full of doubt. In a state of anger. They leave your hopes unfulfilled.

The improvements you’ve made seem pointless. Being better doesn’t matter. Their planning is fruitless. You begin to worry.