The COVID19 Test

Rudy and I have been doing our part during the COVID19 pandemic. We wear masks outside of the house. (Except for me, when I walk around the neighborhood when no one else is around). In general, Rudy does the grocery shopping, but I will tag along occasionally, both of us very aware of maintaining a safe distance from others. Which isn’t always easy considering some people don’t seem to care whether they are close to others or not.

Rudy does have to go to work daily, to an essential job. He is greeted at the front gate by a thermometer against his forehead, taking his temperature then given a wristband to show he “passed”. Even though he has his own homemade masks, he is given an additional one to wear while inside the large building, which holds 150+ employees. He also has a bottle of sanitizer to spritz on his hands regularly. Rudy tends to work in a small space with a small group of people who, like him, are taking precautions during this very stressful time.

Here at home, we’ve been fine. Feeling good. Assuming, since we are following mandated protocol, we are 95% safe – nothing’s perfect – from contracting the disease.

All is well, until it isn’t.

Last week, Rudy and everyone else at his work, were notified that they must take the COVID19 test due to the fact that several employees had claimed they had tested POSITIVE for the virus, whether they contracted it outside of work or within, Rudy is unsure.

The thing is, he was now in a position that he could not return to work until a NEGATIVE test was presented before entering the building the following week. Rudy took the test and, not surprisingly, his result was negative.

Tests taken. People returned to work.

But, not everyone passed. Those that didn’t are now quarantined.

The way the process happened at Rudy’s place of employment only means that just because people did not test positive on a particular day last week doesn’t mean if they test again in a week they will get the same results. It takes the virus 2-14 to show itself and these employees, Rudy included, may be carrying the virus (and not realize it), and pass it on.

The protocol of a 14 day self-quarantine is required to avoid further transference.