You are 16 years old. The age of first time employment. So independent. So fun.

Until. Someone with your same last name makes some big mistakes. Money mistakes.

And. Unknown by you. It’s your name that gets marked. As in strikes against your work ethics.

Over time. Not too much time, though. You get called into the manager’s office. Told your register was under the receipt amount. How can that be? you wonder aloud.

But you assume he doesn’t care. Or just doesn’t want to listen to your excuses. (Which aren’t even excuses. just facts).



You have so many demerits next to your name, the assumption is you are not a good employee at all. So you’re fired.

Later. Months later. The person with your same last name mentions that you got in trouble because of her. But she neglected to say anything because she needed the job. Even though you did too.

You will forever believe that it was another employee who, for whatever reason, sabotaged you. By stealing cash from your work station that particular night. Let you take the blame and lose your money making employment.

And to this day. Whenever you think of your first job.

Other than the memories of eating a fish filet on your break, greeting customers who went to school with you, and having a crush on the nice, young manager (not the one who fired you), all you recall is being told to turn in your greasy uniform. And don’t come back.

Then you smile, because you really don’t care. And probably never did.