As a teacher, summer always comes just at the right time so that I can take a break from the chatter of work. Don’t get me wrong, chatter is good, chatter is great, especially when speaking about kids in the classroom. The energy is rewarding in that students are engaged and excited to learn. To grow. To gain confidence. And to feel safe. To not worry. To embrace themselves. To know they are worthy. And to have a voice. A unique voice that needs to be heard.

That said, I definitely enjoy my summers. I create a schedule that’s not a planned time-frame but rather a loose, relaxing, take it day-by-day lifestyle.

This morning, I woke up three hours later than I would have if I had to go into work. I sipped a hot cup of (black only) coffee while watching Good Morning America. I began writing (again, finally) after six months of nothing noted. I enjoyed a grapefruit before heading out for a walk through the neighboring neighborhood, which is full of foliage and steep hills.

Summer is important because, for me, it is the key to maintaining a calm demeanor. A calm demeanor means protecting my well-being. And protecting my well-being is required for when I return to the classroom for another year of learning and building confidence within my students. Because, what’s better than a very patient teacher?



Moises zooms around the school’s field, passing all the other fifth graders. He checks behind him to see who is on his tail. There’s Jesse, neck-in-neck with Flavio, competing for the second place spot. And finally, right behind them, Leticia tags in, her face red with a light film of sweat covering her brow. All the other kids are either jogging a slow pace, or walking and chatting, not putting much effort into their morning routine before heading into the classroom.

There are only 27 days left of the school year, and just as some of the students zoom around the grassy ground every morning, another year of learning and expanding the sponge-like minds of such impressionable people has zoomed by oh-so quickly. It all began with hellos and soon the goodbyes will be heard as the final bell rings. One full year wrapped up, not with crisp streamed-lined edges, not perfect, or even the best presentation; but, one year, 180 zoom! zoom! days.