Men and their Penises

Girbaud_Color_Look_BookA penis is a penis is a penis.

So you’d think.

But apparently not.

Not when it comes (no pun intended, seriously, I’m being serious here) to length and girth.

I happened upon a documentary on Netflix™ called UnHung Hero about a guy named Patrick Moote whose marriage proposal was turned down by his girlfriend because his junk is too small.

Which led him on a journey, throughout parts of the United States and across the world, exploring what size means to different people, different cultures, different industries.

The overriding sentiment is that it’s not the size that matters, it’s the person. Women tend to agree; they are more impressed with a man’s skills than the size of his knob.

As we all know.



But still, men will be men.

It seems they continue to discover their worth amongst other bejeweled men while ⇑manning-up⇑ in the locker room.