Well rested, freshly showered, and clothed, Bradford looks at himself in the mirror as he expertly coifs his hair, making sure each strand layers just right, complementing his handsome face. A little gel swiped from root to tip, just above his forehead, completes his stylish do.

He walks from bathroom to bedroom; Brad scans himself, looks at his full body image, making sure his T-shirt, color and length, work well with his just right fitting, side-pocket khakis. Too cool shoes and a swag pullover hoodie are the final details. And just to make sure his assessment of perfection is correct, Bradford heads to the garage, to another full-length mirror, rotating oh so carefully, content with what he sees.

Then, its out the door, onto his bike, heading to school, for another ordinary day in the 8th grade.

24 thoughts on “bradford

    • well, i will say, there are girls he thinks are cute, but no one specific… not yet…. high school is around the corner… πŸ™‚


    • Kate, as much as he is concerned about his looks, he’s just as much a great kid, and very respectful….. if he’s a ladies man, he’s clueless… he thinks all the girls like his friends… (works for me!) πŸ™‚


    • I asked Brad what it took for him to be so involved in fashion…. “It’s a personal thing, you can’t make anyone be concerned about how they look, they have to want to be involved…. and I like clothes, and looking good”… (sounds reasonable) πŸ™‚


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