Rudy and I were ready for a child, having had planned for an additional family member to join us for the past several months. We both believed there was no perfect moment to bring a baby into the world, but rather that bringing a newborn child would be perfect. Thus, the joy of reproducing began.

At the time, I was working for a medical laboratory, as their secretary. My job was to answer the phone, file information, and update clients payments. I had only been there for about three months, when, one morning, instinct told me I was pregnant with my first child. When my wondering words fell into the ears of a coworker, an expert phlebotomist, someone who draws blood, she immediately pulled me to the back room and performed a quick blood test.

Later, that same afternoon, the two of us, husband and wife, were sitting at a nearby Burger King, unexpectedly having lunch together.

So, why did you call me for lunch? he asked. I don’t think you’ve ever done that before. Everything OK?

Oh, yeah. Everything is great, I said calmly, quietly. I reached for his hand. I have some good news.

Rudy looked at me, trying to read my face.

Yes? he cautiously asked.

I stretched over the laminate tabletop and kissed him on the nose. A smile spread across both our faces.

Really? he exclaimed. Then he jumped up, pulled me up out of my swivel seat, and hugged me.

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