Oh, my effing God! Liz shouted from behind the shower curtain.

Chris, who was in the kitchen doing dishes, lowered the amount of hot water he was using, assuming his girlfriend was bitching about the lack of warmth spraying down from the nozzle. He yelled something back in the line of Sorry!

Liz, who really just wanted to wash her hair was staring at three bottles of conditioner. There was not a drop of shampoo anywhere.

A few days before, she had gone to Target™ to purchase a much needed bottle of soapy suds only to discover, later, back at home, that she had unwisely grabbed another bottle of fucking – her word, not mine – conditioner! So, a couple days later, feeling heavy-footed and desperate, she again! and Chris made the trek back the beauty aisle to buy some sweet smelling shampoo. Inside the store, Liz thoroughly examined her preferred bottle of hair product, making sure she did indeed select shampoo and not conditioner. Satisfied, she placed the cylinder-shaped container on the seat rack. As they began to walk away, Chris, on a thrift bend, noticed a buy this and get this free pack for a lesser price than the carefully selected solo shampoo that Liz had chosen.

And, it’s the same brand, but cheaper, he said with authority.

Liz looked at the package, saw that it was the same brand, and threw it into the store’s standard red shopping cart.

Back home, as Chris began cleansing a few dishes, Liz climbed over the tub’s rim, and stood under the shower’s head.

Ohhhh myyyyyyyy godddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We bought more fucking conditioner!, she cried.

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