best friends


The classroom was in full swing. The party was on, and the students were enjoying themselves. They were laughing, talking, playing board games, reading, and eating brought-in high calorie snacks.

Pajama day is the coolest! someone hollered.

Under the table, behind the blankets, within the class-made tent, a secret was forming. An innocent secret, but an activity the teacher would never approve of. A girl kissed a boy. And the boy kissed back.

I have a secret to tell you, the young girl told her best friend. And don’t tell anyone!

Tell me! Tell me! the bestie excitedly responded.

Seriously, the young girl firmly told her most cherished friend. You cannot tell anyone what I am going to tell you! The two girls were standing under the shade of a tree, outside, near the playground. The classroom party had transitioned, under the day’s sunshine, thirty minutes before the end-of-the-day bell was going to ring. Cross my heart, her best friend responded, making an X over her rapidly beating organ.

I kissed him, she smiled. And he kissed me back.

Her friend responded in an expected way: surprised, curious, and maybe jealous. What the young girl didn’t know was that her best friend was already making plans about who it was she was going to tell this news to. That there was no way she could keep this to herself. So, when the school bell rang to signal the end of the day, she ran off to spread the news. Each of those people she told, told another person, and on and on. By the next day everyone knew the secret.

The young girl looked down, after giving her supposedly best friend a mean look, as she walked towards her teacher, who was calling to her, saying they needed to talk.

10 thoughts on “best friends

  1. This perfectly illustrates how two faced some people can be. How awful that the so called friend blabbed to everyone after she promised not too. Afraid that would be the end of the friendship to me. I would feel so betrayed. How could you trust a person like that again. No doubt as the telling spread, the story grew out of proportion. Brilliant write!!



    • thanks kathy. you know, i’ve witnessed this with the kids I teach (5th grade), and i do explain the value of friendship and the bond that’s shared… they listen, they truly do, but within the hour all is forgotten and the friendship continues (and so do the secrets)… i just hope maturity teaches them what’s most important…


    • hi paps. oh, we are glad he’s back also…. šŸ™‚
      thanks for stopping by…. i’ve been keeping up with your great photos and detailed information…


  2. Oh such a familiar story! I remember a very similar dialogue at summer camp when I was about 13. The girl was the first who had kissed a boy and we were all eager to know what it was like. I think she had mixed feelings of yuck and thrill.


    • Yes, sandra, i’m sure this is a dialogue (most teachers don’t know about)… ha, ha…. but one that happens nontheless.. šŸ™‚


  3. A poignant little piece. Trust is such an elusive thing at times. In 50 years there is only one person I have found that I trust implicitly to not tell my secrets. These are hard lessons to learn. On the flip side, being someone who is entrusted with a lot of secrets from others, it can sometimes be a burden to be known as “the one that can be trusted”. I’ve read this a couple times over in the last few minutes and each time I get another nuance from it, an offshoot of “the rest of the story”. Really enjoyed this!


    • thanks a lot, amy…. yes, trusting someone fully isn’t as easy as it should be… i am very good at not divulging others secrets whispered to me, although I find it hard to trust people with my private thoughts….


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