call me


Back in the day.

Long ago.

Five days after Rudy and I met.

He called me.

Called me at home.

Where I was living with my parents.

I’m almost certain we met on a Saturday night.

At a Tupperware™ party.

Of all places.

We talked.

We laughed.

I gave him my phone number.


The next week.

When I said hello.

Talking into the house phone.

He murmured into my ear.

Do you remember me?

Of course I remember you, I said quietly.

We talked.

We laughed.

And agreed to chat again.

On the following Thursday.

Always on a Thursday.

On and on it went.

For several weeks.


One night.

We had an unexpected encounter.

We sat together.

We talked.

A lot.

About life.

As simple as that.

When he called.


After another week’s passing.

I agreed to an official date.



My instincts told me to.

Told me.

That Rudy was my future.

16 thoughts on “call me

  1. You met at a Tupperware party? lol. That’s memorable! And you guys are just so in love…that can be rare, especially after so many years. my hat is off to both of you.


    • well, really, if rudy knew, which he didn’t, all he heard was the word party…. thanks for the positive thoughts, sandra..


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