I AM the wind beneath my wings

Rudy and I had been married for about a year and nine months when I quit my job as a receptionist in a medical laboratory and returned to school to finally earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies.

Rudy looked at me.
Looked at my round belly.
My 6 months pregnant belly.

On Monday, following the Friday I said “Adios” to answering phones, I headed out the door, new backpack and supplies slung over my shoulder. I was ready to be a student again, after taking several years off. And before I knew it, the semester was finished. Leaving me exhausted, swollen, and uncomfortable. My final class ended on Thursday, December 17th. Elizabeth was born on December 20th.


I spent six weeks with her before my next semester started.

Attending classes, being a new mom, a wife, and simply trying to find time to study and sleep was an adjustment I constantly adjusted to. But, I managed. I succeeded. I did it. Eventually.

During my final semester, the last semester before I would walk on stage to accept my degree, I took Elizabeth with me to one of my classes. She was almost 3 year olds by that time. I took her to experience what I was doing in the classroom as a student. She must have been impressed because she spent the two hours there taking notes (drawing really) just as she saw me doing.

I took Elizabeth with me, not only for the fun of it – but more importantly, to show her what it is to be educated and to demonstrate that with perseverance anything is possible. Anything.