What are YOU worth?

And how is it measured?

Is it based on your word? Your actions? Both? Does what you do outweigh what you say? Do years of experience increase YOUR worth over someone else’s hard-earned academia?

How about the process, the end result? Is a positive outcome a determining factor of worth? Should that decide YOUR value? Do you decide YOUR worth, or does someone else decide it for you?

When is enough enough? Is it possible to have too much worth? Too little? And does it even matter? 

What do you think?


I AM the wind beneath my wings

Rudy and I had been married for about a year and nine months when I quit my job as a receptionist in a medical laboratory and returned to school to finally earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies.

Rudy looked at me.
Looked at my round belly.
My 6 months pregnant belly.

On Monday, following the Friday I said “Adios” to answering phones, I headed out the door, new backpack and supplies slung over my shoulder. I was ready to be a student again, after taking several years off. And before I knew it, the semester was finished. Leaving me exhausted, swollen, and uncomfortable. My final class ended on Thursday, December 17th. Elizabeth was born on December 20th.


I spent six weeks with her before my next semester started.

Attending classes, being a new mom, a wife, and simply trying to find time to study and sleep was an adjustment I constantly adjusted to. But, I managed. I succeeded. I did it. Eventually.

During my final semester, the last semester before I would walk on stage to accept my degree, I took Elizabeth with me to one of my classes. She was almost 3 year olds by that time. I took her to experience what I was doing in the classroom as a student. She must have been impressed because she spent the two hours there taking notes (drawing really) just as she saw me doing.

I took Elizabeth with me, not only for the fun of it – but more importantly, to show her what it is to be educated and to demonstrate that with perseverance anything is possible. Anything.

Life’s Lessons

So many obstacles
have been carefully placed
in the path of our relationship.
Rudy and I
have managed to challenge them
and have either quickly jumped,
or slowly crawled,
over them
our last bit of strength
hand in hand.

Most times
the lessons learned
take a while to understand,
to help us grow
just a bit more,
tightening the vow
we are both
committed to uphold.
We have had to
dig deep
within our souls
to consider
what is important
in life.

We know.
We understand.

aren’t meant
our relationship,
but rather
they are
to build