Disturbing Vacation

Thoughts of relaxing.




I have plans to simply chill and take a break.

To soothe my senses.

So that I can return to the classroom refreshed.



Ready to make the most of every moment.

Every day.



Plans have been skewed. Overturned. Rerouted. Unplanned. Undone.


And into the next three to six that follow.

Pipes broke. Flooding happened. Contaminated water surged. Poured out under the house. Leaving behind obnoxious, irritating, and down right unsanitary fumes.

Sounds of men, prepping, to get rid of contaminants. Using overly loud machines to blow away pooled, saturated dirt. And strategically placing fans to relieve the air. Of nose-pinching smells.

My thoughts have rearranged.

Reading, walking, and enjoying the day have been put on hold.

While waiting for those guys to finish and leave.


Cleansing the undertow takes precedence over taking a quiet break from it all.

Relaxing will begin later.

At another time.

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